Songs about Life..... We lived every one of them.....

Our Music

Kings PicOur New EP  Life is Crazy Good, Is available on I Tunes, Sound Cloud and CD Baby.

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Below are Our pro recordings done at Drum Farm Studios. John Richardson On Drums ( Gin Blossoms ) / Johnny Stanton on Bass ( Josh Thompson / Shooter Jennings )

Gary Burnett Guitar ( Tayna Tucker) / Adam Ollendorff  Steel Guitar( Kacey Musgraves ) Sue Orfield Sax ( Played with them all!) Jenifer Grim ( Backing Vocals)

Bruce Johnson  , Harmonica, Lead Vocals / Don Lowe ( The Maestro ) Guitar

Kiss Me Like You Mean It

Life Is Crazy Good

 Her Beautiful Boys

Your Love Wrote Me Like a Country Song 

The Journey

Sugar Time


The Notebook-

The works below  are sketches of our other original songs, just waiting for someone to flesh them out………

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Drowning In The Desert


Highway In My Heart

Easy Loving You

It Won’t Be You


I Want To Know You By Heart

Second Wind

Hell of a Price for a Song

Till Hell Freezes Over

Just In My Head

I Found Out On FaceBook

I Don’t Know How to Say Goodbye

I Want You To Want To

The Smile In Your Eyes

 Easy Payment Blues

White Horses

White Horses Reprise

Never Had The One That I Wanted

I’m Right Here So Don’t Go There

Today Was A Pretty Good Day

Chuck It

Color Outside The Lines

Drop The Hammer

I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good

Don’t Look Back